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Sundial Devices
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"The absolute best sun/moon app" • "The only one you’ll need" • "Hella cool complications" • "Planetastic!" • "Artfully beautiful" • "Wonderful App! Nothing else like it" • "Clean, uncluttered, accurate"
Great for Travel planning • Gardening • Photography • Astronomy • Astrology • Yoga • Used by Hikers • Joggers • Surfers • Pilots • Sailors • Worshipers • Farmers • Star gazers


App screenshot
Sundial provides a one-of-a-kind display of the sun and moon rise/set cycle over the 24 hour day. Key event times are displayed, such as sunrise, moonset, and days to next full and new moon. As the seasons change, the yellow “sun is out” arc informs you of the precious daylight hours: shrinking during winter months and expanding as summer approaches. The white inner arc represents when the moon is visible in the sky. Civil, nautical, and astronomical twilights are shown on the solar dial.
Sundial is a "freemium" app: a ton of features are free, with a one-time In-App Purchase for Sundial Premium unlocking additional features and removing some limits. See features for more information.

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Create Alerts

Want to be notified 45 minutes after sunset to take the dog out for a walk? Piece of cake. Need an alert the day before full and new moon to take rest for Ashtanga yoga? No problem.
Alerts screenshot
Alerts are generated on the iPhone and iPad and require no Internet connection / server. A 3-day trial of alerts is included. Sundial Premium one time in-app purchase unlocks unlimited alerts.
Alerts are highly configurable. You can optionally configure:
A scrollable preview of upcoming and recent alerts is shown on the app’s home screen.

Alerts: From the Every Day to Life Critical

Sundial users have found uses for alerts I could never imagine. Here are some of my favorite:

Travel to Any Time & Location

You can travel to any date and custom location with Premium in-app purchase, making Sundial an handy tool when planning a vacation or outdoor activity. And time travel is just plain fun: swipe around the dials to move forward and backward, or long press on the left or right side of the screen to experience the changing seasons at warp speed.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch app is no slouch: it has many of the features of the main app and even has time travel through the digital crown and force touch. A custom location selected on the phone can optionally be mirrored to the watch app.
The complication is a mini version of sun/moon dials, with lunar illumination percentage reported in the middle. I hope to offer more customization in the future.
Watch Screenshot
Watch Screenshot
Watch Screenshot
Watch Complication

Comparison of Free and Premium Features

Feature Free Premium
iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch
Solar/lunar times
Accurate moon phase display
Time travel ± 7 days Unlimited
iPhone / iPad
Today widget
Custom alerts 3-day trial Unlimited
Library of alert sounds 27 sounds (3-day trial) 27 sounds
Sync and backup alert definitions with iCloud ✓ (3-day trial)
Change location Canned points of interest Search by name, address, or enter geographic coordinates
Add favorite locations
Sync and backup favorite and recent locations with iCloud
Apple Watch
Mirror custom location from iPhone

Use of Location Services

Sundial requests your location while using the app to calculate solar and lunar times based on your location. If you enable an alert (notification), it will further request your location "Always" (in the background). This is requested to ensure any solar or lunar alerts that are scheduled use an accurate location if you travel several miles or kilometers from where you last launched the app. For example, if you travel to a new city, Sundial will be notified of your location change in the background and will reschedule alerts based on your new location. Watch complications will also be more up-to-date in this mode.
Sundial uses a location mode that uses very little power: it only requests to be notified when a significant location change occurs (via geofencing). For example, you travel a few miles/kilometers. If you go to the Battery settings on your iPhone or iPad, Sundial may not even show up in the list unless you use the time display and keep it open often. Getting occasional location updates and scheduling any enabled alerts just won't use much if any battery life.
Sundial does not track your location or upload it to a server of any kind. See the App privacy policy.

About the Developer & Contact Information

Howdy! I'm Mike Muegel, the author of Sundial. I'm an software engineer living in Austin, Texas. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like more information about Sundial or would like a promo code for Sundial Premium.